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Motovario Speed Control

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AM16 Series Variable Speed Drive

AM16 Series Variable Speed Drive

Motovario AM16 Series is a premium vector drive for advanced motor control, available over a wide power range 0.75kW to 90kW

Designed for use on heavy overload and demanding applications, such as inclined conveyors, hoist and lift applications, winding and unwinding machines etc, the AM16 is capable of sophisticated speed and torque control.

  • Five motor control modes – V/F, V/F with feedback, Current Vector control with & without feedback, PM Vector COntrol with Feedback
  • 400V from 0.75kW till 90kW (Larger sizes and other voltages available on request)
  • Dual core processor, 100mhz RISC processor and ASIC
  • Removable LED Keypad; LCD as option
  • Intergrated EMC filter
  • 0-400Hz output frequency (1200Hz via special Parameter)
  • 150% & 120% (HD & ND) with 200% torque at 0HZ
  • Speed / Torque / Position Control
  • Built-in PLC function (By Ladder Program)
  • Braking Transistor built-in up to 22kW
  • Built-in DCL (above 55 kW)
  • Built-in Modbus (RS485) RJ45 Connector
  • Profibus, DeviceNet, TCP/IP, CANopen options
  • Expansion port for Encoder option boards
  • UL/CE/Gost certification



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